Retirement Planning: Have You Included an Investment in Your Health?

Everyone should be planning for their retirement. Especially once you reach your mid-fifties and early sixties and retirement is just around the corner. Having enough to live on after you leave your job is vitally important. People are saving money, increasing their 401K, taking to investors and buying stocks all with the idea of having enough money so they can retire in comfort.

But how many are investing in their health. After all if you don’t have your health how can you enjoy your retirement? A case in point is a person I know who made some wise investments, moved to Vegas and bought a nice home with a swimming pool. He and his wife can travel and pretty much have no money worries. If fact he is much better off financially than I am. Unfortunately he did not make an investment in his health. He is overweight, has diabetes and sleep apnea. A couple of months ago he did join a gym, but quit after a couple of weeks. Now I have known him for many years and certainly wish him well, but I am concerned that his health investment isn’t as well off as his financial investment.

I cannot stress enough the benefits of laying a health foundation as early as possible. Simply put a health foundation consists of the following:

Maintain by eliminating processed foods, sugar and bad crabs.
Stop smoking! Stop now! Do whatever it takes to stop!
Exercise: Both strength training and aerobic and do it five times a week.
Find a sport that gets you out in the fresh air and sunshine.
Develop a good relationship with a competent doctor.

Many people believe (Wrongly!) that retirement means finally taking it easy. Going to the gym and or working out at home just does not enter into their retirement picture. They either forget or ignore the many benefits of being fit. So in case you have forgotten here are some.

1. You will feel better.

2. You will look better.

3.You can lower your blood pressure.

4. Improve your cholesterol levels.

5. Eliminate some or all medications.

6. Reduce your health care costs.

7. Believe it or not a 2008 study showed that strength training reverses aging.

Now if those are good reasons consider this. People who are fit recover for illness or accidents faster and better than unfit people.

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